Min issues order for coordination between govt depts and NCCSA

Min issues order for coordination between govt depts and NCCSA

The Delhi Legislative Assembly commenced a two-day session on Wednesday, after which Services and Vigilance minister Atishi issued an order to ensure coordination between Delhi government departments and the National Capital Civil Services Authority (NCCSA).

The minister ordered the Delhi Chief Secretary to follow provisions of Sections 45H(1) and 45H(2) of GNCTD (Amendment) Act 2023 for better functioning of the NCCSA.

In the order issued to the Chief Secretary, she explained that while adhering to the provisions of the GNCTD (Amendment) Act 2023, proposals for the transfer and posting of officers before the NCCSA officials should be placed only after the approval of the Services minister.

As per the new Act, the proposal will be sent to the Authority’s Member Secretary only after obtaining the minister’s approval. Section 45H(1) states that the NCCSA will transfer and post all Group-A and DANICS officers in Delhi.

As per Section 45H(2), it will be the responsibility of the NCCSA to recommend initiating disciplinary action for all Group-A and DANICS officers associated with vigilance and non-vigilance cases in Delhi, to start disciplinary proceedings and recommend sanctions for the same.

According to the Ordinance of the GNCTD Act and the recently passed GNCTD (Amendment) Bill in the Parliament, a ‘National Capital Civil Services Authority’ was established in Delhi, responsible for the transfer-posting of govt officials, Atishi elaborated.

However, meetings of the authority have not been held in the past few months due to some reasons resulting from a deadlock between officers and the government.

But now, the Kejriwal government has issued orders to conduct these meetings regularly, because the government firmly believes in and abides by the authority of India’s Constitution,” she added.

On account of anonymity, a senior Delhi government official said that the Bill will be challenged, and the AAP-led government is hopeful of the Supreme Court’s intervention. “For the time being, we need to comply and be functional. It is more important to continue administrative work. However, we are hopeful that the Supreme Court will issue new orders,” he said.

The decision was made to ensure effective coordination between departments of the Delhi government and the NCCSA and prevent any disruption in the work.

“Whether the central government can acquire power from an elected state government through an ordinance or a bill – remains the question. We anticipate that this matter will be treated with the same sensitivity and urgency as the Ordinance case by the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court,” Atishi said.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will participate in all NCCSA meetings as the chairperson. “As long as the Parliament’s bill remains the nation’s law, we will adhere to it. To ensure this, we have issued an order outlining procedures that facilitate coordination between the Delhi government’s departments and NCCSA, with regular meetings planned.

“This comprehensive order includes all the necessary steps and procedures for said coordination to ensure the smooth functioning of the authority and the NCT,” Atishi added. The minister issued this order on Wednesday, giving a green signal to initiate NCCSA meetings regularly as per schedule.

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