Min Atishi orders timely salaries for civil defence volunteers

New Delhi: Delhi Revenue minister Atishi has issued stern directives to government officials regarding the longstanding issue of unpaid salaries for civil defence volunteers.

Expressing her concern over the volunteers not receiving their dues for several months, Atishi has issued strict instructions to the Principal Secretary (Revenue) to ensure that all outstanding salaries

are disbursed within the next seven days.

Atishi’s directive underscores the urgency of the matter, as she called for immediate coordination between the Revenue Department and the Finance Department to expedite the release of salaries to these dedicated volunteers.

She emphasised, “It has come to my attention that despite their service in various government departments, civil defence volunteers have not received their salaries for the past several months. This situation is alarming and should be addressed immediately.”

Highlighting the extraordinary role played by civil defence volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the minister commended their efforts in assisting millions of Delhi residents.

“The role played by civil defence volunteers during Covid was extraordinary. They supported the government in mobilizing people and delivering relief services to those in need. Their dedication and commitment are commendable,” Atishi stated.

Furthermore, the Revenue Minister pointed out that during recent floods in Delhi, civil defence volunteers once again proved their worth by tirelessly working in relief camps, distributing supplies to flood-affected individuals, and organising facilities for them.

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