Migrant workers stuck in Delhi request authorities to let them travel back home

new delhi: The plight of the migrant workers stuck in the National Capital is increasing with many demanding to go home. At Janakpuri, migrant workers from different states are waiting for a way to go back home.

Lacchuwa Ahirwar sits in a small room at a corner of the road. Ahirwar who hails from Madhya Pradesh is a construction worker hired by a contractor. "I make footpath and gutter covers. When lockdown was announced, I was not able to leave and was stuck here," he told.

With no source of income or financial help, Ahirwar is given food by the contractor. "He sends me ration once a month but as there is no work I don't have any financial help," he said.

The daily wagers earns Rs. 150 per day. However, there is no regular income as the works happens on contractual basis. "I send half of the money to my family in Madhya Pradesh, while I live here alone," he added. But since the lockdown, Ahirwar is finding ways to go back home.

"The lockdown might extend a month or so, and in such a situation, I would prefer to be home," he added, saying he only came here to earn money. He is requesting the government to accept his plea and let him go home to his family. "There is nothing for us poor people here at the moment," he said.

At the adjacent night shelter, around 21 to 22 homeless and migrant workers live. "I came from Uttar Pradesh for some work but could not go anywhere, so I had to take shelter here," said Dev. The caretaker Soham said that usually 40 people take shelter at the raen basera.

"However, we are following the social distancing rules, which is why only 21 to 22 people are living here," he said.

Some people claimed they were picked up by the police and brought here. "Many are homeless people, which is why, the police brought them here," said Dev.

The fight against COVID-19 has crippled the life of the marginalised society, especially those who are daily wagers. Many state authorities are meanwhile arranging bus and train services for workers who are stuck.

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