Migrant workers become restless to go back to their home states

GURUGRAM: Despite the permission given by the Gurugram district administration to resume the work at several construction sites, there seems to be extremely low or no work productivity at the sites. With thousands of labourers not being utilised, the restlessness of the migrant workers is further increasing to go back to their home states.

The mass exodus of labourers especially those employed in major construction projects continues despite pleas by both contractors and government officials. Thousands of labourers are involved in major construction projects like Sohna Road elevated flyover, underpass and flyover project at Atul Katarya Chowk and Dwarka Expressway.

One of the major reasons cited for the growing restlessness among the migrant workers to leave Gurugram is the work uncertainty. With strict social distancing norms allowed at the construction sites only 25 per cent of the workers are being productive.

Moreover, disrupted supply chains, unavailability of heavy machinery required for the construction works and inability to follow proper safety protocols have further reduced the efficiency at the construction sites to only 10 to 15 per cent.

Situation for the labourers who are employed with small construction firms is even worse as there are complaints of the workers not being paid for now two months.

Taking cognisance of the problem, the Gurugram Labour Department has directed the small units to pay the workers their salaries. There have been over 40,000 workers who have already registered with the Gurugram administration expressing their interest to go back to their homes states. More than 3,000 migrant workers from nearby areas of Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab have already gone back to their home states.

The less fortunate labourers who belong from Bihar and Madhya Paradesh try to make a desperate attempt to leave for their home states by walking along with the families that also includes children. Registration of hundreds of workers continue to be a major challenge even after the district administration has appointed public nodal officers to assist the workers.

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