Midnight rains wreck farmers' tents, resolve still as strong

Midnight rains wreck farmers tents, resolve still as strong

New Delhi: Farmers, who have been protesting against the three farm bills for more than six months, at various borders of Delhi, were faced with another hurdle when their tents were once again destroyed due to rain and storm on Monday.

According to farmers at Singhu Border, there was heavy damage at the protest site due to rain and storms.

A large number of farmers' tents including the main stage at Singhu and also at Tikri border has been damaged.

The reconstruction work, meanwhile, has already started at the protest site. "Due to the storm many people were also injured, however there was no serious injury and everyone is fine. The tents were also damaged but we have started reconstruction of it. This is not the first time that we have incurred such damage," Harinder Singh, who hails from Punjab's Patiala told Millennium Post.

He said that despite so many hardships the BJP government has not paid them any attention, but this has not deterred their resolve. "We will also show them what we are made of. We can sit here for another few years. There is no issue," he added.

At Ghazipur Border too the main stage was completely destroyed but was reconstructed within hours.

"The tents were wet while the main stage suffered a lot of damage but we have reconstructed it now. No one was injured during the story thankfully," lawyer and power of Ghazipur farmers team Vasu Kukreja said.

He added that looking at the pandemic and storm situation homeopathic medicines were distributed to the farmers at the protest site.

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