Meet the 'silent' women protesters at Zakir Nagar

New Delhi: Its 8 pm at night and as the darkness and chilly winds take over the city, hundreds of women leave the comfort of their homes, pick up their children and stand in long queues on both sides of the road with candles in their hands.

They do not raise slogans, they do not give speeches, no chants and no noise, this is Zakir Nagar's 'Silent' protest by women against CAA and NRC.

Barely 2 kilometres from Shaheen Bagh, away from the camera flashes and media glare, hundreds of women line up in long queue holding candles and placards in their hands at Zakir Nagar. They have bene standing at the same stretch for many nights now for two and a half hours from 8 pm to 10:30 pm.

Suboohi resides in Zakir Nagar and quickly completes her household chores by evening and takes her two children along with her to Zakir Nagar 'dhalaan'( slope).

"We are protesting silently regularly, without fail at the same site. We want the world to know that Muslim women who have been portrayed as helpless and weak are well aware of their rights and won't fail to raise their voice if we find some injustice is done," she said.

Malaika, who is a Jamia pass out and resides at Batla house too stand at the stretch without fail along with three of her friends.

"This protest has also strengthened the perception about hijab breaking all stereotypes. People now know that Muslim women would fight for their rights no matter what," Malaika said.

The placards in their hands often take a jibe at the government's stand. Several placards read 'Samvidhan Bachao, Bharat Bachao' . Several others are creative enough to hold one's attention.

13-year-old Ibrahim is standing in chilling cold holding a candle in his hands as small children could be seen lighting candles and standing alongside with their mothers.

"We will make our voices heard, we will not show our documents even if we have them. We are not standing here for ourselves but for those who need us at this hour," Amina , a protester said.

They disperse at 10:30, back to their homes.

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