MCD takes primary school admissions online, discusses ways to improve students’ FLN skills

New Delhi: QR codes have been pasted on the gates of all the MCD’s primary schools to enable parents to scan those and fill the admission form online, a move aimed at simplifying the process, officials said on Monday. The MCD Education department met at the Kedarnath Sahni Auditorium to discuss ways to improve the foundational literacy and numeracy skills of primary-level students, the MCD said in a statement.

Monday’s meeting, attended by more than 1,500 school principals, mentor teachers, and zonal officials from the department’s 12 zones, discussed ways to achieve the milestones in the 2023-24 academic year.

“As a new initiative, the Education department has placed QR codes on the main gates of all MCD schools to simplify the admission process. Parents can scan the QR code and fill the admission form online to get admission for their wards in the schools of their choice,” the statement said. The initiative is a significant step towards streamlining the admission process and making it more convenient for parents, the officials noted.

As part of its efforts to improve the students’ foundational literacy and numeracy skills, the Education department has introduced new assessment tools that focus on their needs, interests and core subject areas.

It has also prepared a phase-wise schedule for conducting baseline assessments, classes and evaluations. In addition, the department has launched the Mission Buniyaad to support foundational literacy and numeracy skills and achieve the goal of NIPUN Bharat.

The initiative aims to provide basic quality education to every child in MCD schools, ensuring that they become self-sufficient and capable individuals. A survey will begin in the third and fourth week of April for the enrolment drive in schools. “The survey aims to increase the number of children with special needs who can avail of quality education in MCD schools,” the statement said.

“The Education department is committed to providing quality education to all the students and ensuring that every child receives an education that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations. The initiatives launched in the new academic year are aimed at achieving this goal and ensuring that no child is left behind,” it added.

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