MCD buildings not being used properly, says Mayor

New Delhi: MCD buildings are not being properly utilised, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi said on Monday, and added that there is a shortage of doctors and nursing staff in hospitals.

Oberoi’s remarks came after a surprise inspection of a civic body-run health facility in Timarpur. Health facilities of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) have been in a deplorable condition for a long time, she said.

“There is a huge shortage of staff. Because of this, everything from treatment to examination of patients is being affected negatively. For this reason, fewer and fewer patients come to the hospitals for treatment,” an MCD statement quoted Oberoi as saying.

After her surprise inspection of the Balakram Hospital in Timarpur, the Delhi mayor expressed displeasure that MCD buildings are not being put to good use.

Highlighting the shortage of doctors and nursing staff, she said it is difficult to treat patients expediently in these hospitals.

Oberoi also took feedback from the patients regarding the facilities at the hospital during her visit. “The mayor’s surprise inspection found shortage of radiologists, doctors and other staff. The hospital management informed her that this condition of the hospital has been prevailing for the last several years,” the statement read.

Oberoi said, “The MCD has good buildings but they are not being put to good use, mainly because there is a shortage of required staff, including doctors and nurses. If there are no doctors and nursing staff then how will the treatment be done?”

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