Marginal rise in notices for overspeeding: Traffic Police

Marginal rise in notices for overspeeding: Traffic Police

New Delhi: In the latest findings released by the Delhi Traffic Police, a marginal increase of 0.5 per cent has been reported in the number of notices issued for overspeeding on the capital’s roads.

According to data comparing the period up to January 31, 2022-23 and 2023-24, there were 248,334 notices issued for overspeeding, whereas this year witnessed 249,602 notices, indicating a slight uptick in enforcement measures.

However, the data also unveils a staggering 147.25 per cent surge in the number of challans issued for triple riding. In the previous year, 1,213 challans were issued for triple-riding violations, whereas this year up to January 31, the authorities issued a whopping 2,998 challans.

Interestingly, despite the surge in challans, the number of notices served for triple riding plummeted drastically from 1,490 last year to a mere 404 this year, showcasing a significant decline in the issuance of warnings for this violation.

Furthermore, the data reflects an 18.34 per cent increase in the number of challans issued for not wearing helmets. In 2022-23, a total of 3,137 challans were issued for helmet-related violations, while in 2023-24, the number rose to 3,712 till January 31, indicating a notable rise in enforcement efforts targeting this crucial aspect of road safety.

Similarly, there has been a substantial 63.53 per cent surge in challans for drunken driving. Last year, 939 challans were issued for driving under the influence, while this year witnessed a significant increase with 1,535 challans recorded till January 31, underlining the heightened focus on curbing this dangerous behaviour on Delhi’s roads.

In addition, the data also highlights a considerable increase in enforcement actions against improper lane driving. While last year saw 79 challans/notices issued for this violation, this year recorded a significant rise with 305 such notices issued, reflecting the authorities’ efforts to ensure better adherence to lane discipline among motorists.

Overall, a total of 258,556 challans/notices were issued in 2023-24 (up to January 31), compared to 255,192 in the previous year.

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