Many COVID patients dying of post-recovery complications: Experts

Many COVID patients dying of post-recovery complications: Experts

New delhi: As the number of deaths in the national Capital increased, medical experts have revealed that patients had suffered from post covid recovery.

Gurpreet Singh's 65-year-old father died due to covid-19 complications a week back. Singh said, "I was informed by the doctor that even though my father's report had come out negative, he was not able to recover, which led to his death."

Medical experts in Delhi have pointed out towards post recovery complications. "Death due to post covid complications can be mostly due to Hyper inflammation and hyper clotting triggered by covid-19. The risk of clotting could prolong for weeks after recovery and lead to heart attacks and strokes pulmonary embolism (clot in lung artery) and can cause sudden death," Dr. Upali Nanda, Head- Preventive Health and Consultant- Medicine at Medeor Hospital said.

The doctor said that many patients with mild symptoms are not getting tested on time or taking measures to get better due to which their condition is deteriorating further. "Patients with mild symptoms usually get tested late as they don't feel the need to go to a doctor and in the process get admitted late," she added.

Doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital have averred that they have been receiving patients who did not pay attention to mild symptoms of Covid and did not get themselves tested.

According to Dr Atul Kakar, Vice-Chairperson, Department of Internal Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital , "In last month alone we have treated close to 30 patients of Covid induced moderate to major complications with no test of Covid being done. Covid antibody test in all these patients was found to be positive. These patients came with involvement of lungs, nervous system, heart and blood vessels. Many patients who had lung involvement required oxygen term supplementation and few special medications."

He added that people with any of the mild symptoms of Covid should not take it lightly. Meanwhile, Dr. Nanda also pointed out that those who suffer from mild and moderate disease can have post recovery complications. "People with coexisting obesity, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, compromised immunity and low socioeconomic status are more likely to suffer from post recovery complications apart from people with severe disease and elderly age group," she added.

However, age is not the only factor here, medical experts have said that many patients are in their early 20s as well. "Most of the patients coming for admission are having moderate to severe disease. Even young patients 25-45yrs with no comorbidities are coming with severe covid. 60 years and above age patients specially patients with diabetes are more prone for severe disease and complications," Dr. Rakesh Pandit, Senior Consultant and HOD, Internal Medicine at Aakash Hospital.

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