Manish Sisodia’s ailing wife pens emotional note after meeting him

Jailed AAP leader Manish Sisodia’s ailing wife Seema Sisodia on Wednesday said she met her husband “after a gap of 103 days” and that the police was stationed outside their bedroom to hear their conversation. In a message posted on her Twitter handle, Seema mentioned how the policemen were stationed outside their bedroom to watch the two and listen to every word they uttered during their seven-hour interaction.

She also spoke about the challenges and sacrifices that come with the realm of politics, labelling it a “dirty game”.

Recalling the initial warnings received from well-wishers advising them to steer clear of politics, Seema Sisodia emphasised on how her husband remained resolute in his decision to join forces with (AAP supremo) Arvind Kejriwal and other like-minded individuals.

“Back when these people were in the process of forming the party, we received numerous warnings from well-wishers advising us to steer clear of politics. They cautioned us that while journalism and activism were good pursuits, getting entangled in the world of politics would only lead to trouble. Those in power would do everything in their capacity to obstruct our work and torment our family. “However, Manish was resolute. He joined forces with Arvind Ji and other like-minded individuals, and together, they proved that they could make a difference. Their political endeavours forced influential figures to address critical issues such as education, healthcare, electricity and water,” she said in her message

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