Man planned to sell off second wife, held

New Delhi: Twenty-three-year-old Saddam from Panipat came to Delhi with his wife but this was no vocational trip. He intended to sell his second wife at the infamous GB road brothel to stay happily with his first wife. The man working as a mansion also had a backup plan. He thought if he failed to sell his wife he would murder her in Delhi and dump her body somewhere. He also kept a knife with him for the murder. To evade arrest, he also carried a second shirt in case the shirt he wore gets blood stains while murdering her. However, chance and luck bumped him into an informer who alerted the Kamla Market SHO Sunil Kumar about the man who intends to sell his wife.

The SHO who earlier rescued girls too posing as a owner of a brothel was quick enough to switch roles and asked the informer to give the man his number. It was then the accused Saddam called the SHO thinking him to be a brothel owner. They negotiated hard to zero down the first installment to 10,000. To gain Saddam's confidence, the SHO even sent him money and asked to bring the girl to him. Unaware of the plot, Saddam brought the girl to the destined place where the cops were already waiting for him. "We have arrested the man. He is originally from Bihar and has been staying in Panipat for work. He has three children from his earlier marriage but since both his wives fought with each other he hatched a plan to sell or kill her, Luckily we foiled his plans," said a senor police officer.

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