Man enacts 'Parasite', fakes death to dodge loan sharks

New Delhi: If you have watched the Oscar winning South Korean thriller Parasite you would know how people went underground to save their skin from loan sharks. The thriller showed a man living in the basement for years hiding from the loan sharks.

That was just a movie. In real life, a gym trainer in Delhi's Rohini tried to enact the movie in real life and went underground but not before giving his family a shock by faking his own abduction, burning his own car and eyeing the accidental insurance money. So, all he wanted was to shoot many birds with one arrow until Delhi Police outsmart him.

The screenplay of the fake abduction started on May 15 amid the lockdown when the Delhi Police received a call about a burning car in Kanjhawala. The cops found no body inside but the car was traced to a Rohini based gym trainer Deepak Dabas. Hours later, his father lodged a missing report in the police station and the investigation started.

The alert investigators of Delhi Police smelled a rat in the theory as the so-called victim had procured various friendly loans from his family members and acquaintances. Accordingly, his bank account statements and account statements of family members were checked and verified.

Four days later, the cops got to know that Rs 2,500 was withdrawn from his account in Western UP's Muzaffarnagar.

"The CCTV footage of the ATM was collected and analysed and it was found that the victim was alone and no other person was seen with him," said PK Mishra, DCP Rohini.

It was now clear it wasn't an abduction. It took little time for cops to gather that Deepak was hiding in Haridwar and was travelling to Delhi by a train. The Delhi Police team boarded the train and arrested him onboard.

Then Deepak spilled the beans. How he sprayed diesel on his car to burn it and absconded.

"He was having an accidental insurance and a life insurance, so he planned to end his life in a way that it appeared as an accidental death and his family would get the benefit of insurance," the officer said.

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