Lost wife to jaundice, cop continues frontline duty in fight against virus

New Delhi: It has been over one month since head constable Harpal Singh last visited his home in Alipur to see his 18-year-old son. Despite having to deal with the heart-wrenching pain of losing his wife to jaundice during the COVID-19 outbreak, he shows up day in and day out — for duty in his PPE suit in the Sadar Bazar area of North Delhi.

"I know I have lost her, but at this time I have to do my duty for the safety of the public," said Harpal. On March 15, Harpal's wife Bala died after 25 years of their marriage and the couple have an 18-year-old son. "My marriage life was very peaceful, happy, but suddenly she fell sick," he said.

According to the policeman, his wife was suffering from jaundice and went to several hospitals for her treatment but passed away. He further told Millennium Post, "I have one son who lives in Alipur area. I have not been home since March 28. I don't want my son to get infected. He is being taken care of by my brother's daughter." Harpal is posted in Sadar Bazar police station and currently, he is looking after Kasawpura area.

He said, "We continuously make people aware about the importance of the lockdown, precautions to be taken for safety from COVID-19. Sometimes I feel sad when people try to violate lockdown. They not only risk their life but of others too. People should stay inside and help police in performing their duties."

According to him, there is no fixed time for police duty. They have to be available every time for the needy and poor. He usually rests in a hotel room — a provision arranged for by other policemen deployed on COVID-19 duty.

"I will not be able to forget her. She is always with me in my memory. Not only me but our neighbours, other known people will never forget her. And my son is also

having a difficult time dealing with the death of his mother," he added. Harpal regularly makes phone calls to his son to know about his health. "He always tells me that please do take care of yourself Papa. If something happens to you, how I will survive. In reply, I tell him I will take care," he said. Harpal has been serving in the Delhi Police since he joined service in 1994.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Monika Bharadwaj said that they are proud of their Corona Warriors. "From our side, we try to make sure that their (police personnel) remains good," DCP said.

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