‘LMV licence applicants using autorickshaws instead of cars for test on automated tracks’

New Delhi: The Delhi Transport Department has flagged that many applicants of light motor vehicle (LMV) driving licence were turning up for tests at automated tracks with autorickshaws instead of cars, posing road traffic threat in the national capital, officials said on Wednesday.

An internal communication of Transport Department has pointed out that some driving test applicants bring autorickshaws to have the driving test on automated test tracks instead of cars for getting LMV driving licence, said a Transport department official.

In case any applicant uses an autorickshaw for driving test, the driving test officer may take decision on merits, said the transport department communication.

The automated driving test tracks have been designed to test motor cars/vans’ driving and maneuverability of LMVs that is altogether different from autorickshaws, it said.

The motor cars have turning radius about five metres whereas autos have less than three metres. The clutch, brake and acceleration of auto

is similar to two-wheelers and not that of cars, the communication said.

Besides, the wheel base of a car is also about 1.5 to 2 times longer than autos, it said.

“Under such a situation, the autorickshaw driving test should not be considered equivalent to that for cars or four-wheelers. Driving tests with autorickshaws instead of four-wheelers leads to compromise on road safety,” said the Transport Department memo.

A license holder of LMV who got it through test using an autorickshaw will

endanger public safety while driving a mini-bus or mini-truck up to 7.5 tonnes of load, the officials said.

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