Legislative committees 'eyes & ears' of Assembly: Speaker

New Delhi: Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel on Tuesday inaugurated an orientation programme on the Committee System in Delhi's Legislative Assembly, which was attended by Deputy Speaker Rakhi Bidlan and MLAs of various legislative committees. Speaker Goel said that such committees act as "eyes and ears of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha". Former Secretary-General of Lok Sabha, PDT Achary spoke about the role of such committees in ensuring accountability of the Executive and also said that the government is accountable to the Assembly committees. Suman Arora, Joint Secretary, Lok Sabha and Dr Ram Raj Rai, Lok Sabha spoke on how to discharge committee duties effectively. At the orientation programme, Rakesh Mohan, Principal Accountant-General (Audit) of Delhi spoke about financial committees and their responsibilities. The Speaker also inaugurated the webpage of the Bureau of Legislative Studies on the occasion.

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