L-G Saxena gives nod to transplantation of 292 trees for major projects

New Delhi: Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena has given approval for the transplantation of 292 trees for two major projects in the national Capital.

According to a statement from the L-G Secretariat, 214 trees will be transplanted for a defence project at Tughlakabad, while 78 trees will be relocated for the construction of a maintenance depot for Vande Bharat trains at Shakurbasti. The projects cover 2.15 hectares and 10.12 hectares of land, respectively.

The user agencies responsible for the projects will carry out compensatory plantation by planting 10 times the number of trees transplanted. This means 2,140 saplings for the defence project and 780 saplings for the railway project.

The compensatory plantation will involve only native species such as neem, amaltas, peepal, pilkhan, gular, bargad, desi kikar, and arjun. The user agencies have already deposited the required compensatory cost for this purpose, the statement said.

The user agencies had submitted applications for these projects on January 19 and February 21, respectively.

The L-G Secretariat also said the Delhi government is yet to give approval for tree transplantation for several important projects, including the Metro Phase-IV, urban extension road, RRTS, a general pool residential accommodation colony, and Delhi-Dehradun Expressway.

Tree transplantation permission for these projects has been pending for more than three years which, Saxena said, is resulting in significant cost overruns.

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