Jamia students oppose order to vacate hostel

new delhi: Students occupying hostels at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) have written letters to the Vice-Chancellor asking them to take back the order where they have been asked to vacate the hostel facilities.

Students from girls' hostel in their letter called the move 'harassment' and said: "We the residents who are stuck in the hostel due to lockdown are asked to vacate the hostel with all our belongings. It is almost impossible to vacate the hostel at a time like this or take all our belongings with us.

Right now with the lockdown and pandemic, when it is impossible for people to even move from one place to another, how can we carry all our belongings with us. We believe it is nothing but

harassment in the time of crisis."

In an order recently Jamia students were asked to vacate the hostel facilities as the state government wants to make it a quarantine facility. Raising issue girls from various hostels claimed that no such order was issued.

"Another point which we would like to highlight is no such official order from the state government has been issued which says that they want to access the Jamia campus for the quarantine centre. And even if they want to make it a quarantine centre, why to use Hostels and cause inconvenience to the students who are already residing in hostel premises," stated the letter.

A member of Jamia Coordination Committee while speaking to the Millennium Post said that the authorities have asked the students to vacate and are also moving the things of students who have already left the facility.

"Many students left for their homes before the lockdown but left all their things here. Now the administration is planning to break the locks and remove all the stuff. This will create so much chaos and problem for the students," said the JCC member.

He also added that final year students have their exams in July while they are having online classes till June 15. "What is the point when according to the latest circular final year students will have their exams in July? Our classes are also going on online," said the student.

Echoing the same sentiments, students from boys hostel also wrote to the V-C saying: "We would like to invite your immediate moral intervention to avert imminent spectre to our lives and dignity because of morally wrong and uncouth pursuance of policy by the subordinate staff of your esteemed administration who do lack minimum human intelligence quotient to deal with the emergency situation human being is facing right now."

The administration did not respond to the correspondent's query on the same.

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