Jamia students asked to empty hostel rooms

New delhi: Jamia Millia Islamia has asked the students living in the hostels to vacate the rooms amid the pandemic. The students have in this regard written emails to the administration asking how are those who living outside Delhi supposed to come and empty the rooms. In an email, the administration asked people from J&K hostels, mostly occupied by international and Jammu & Kashmir students to vacate their rooms, as the rooms will be re-allotted in new academic session.

The hostel is a seven floor building with each floor having 40 rooms, occupied by three students each. Nayla Khan, a final year student at the university said: "It doesn't make sense why they are asking students to vacate during the pandemic. Students are living outside Delhi, how they can afford to come and take away their stuff. Feels like the administration is giving up responsibility that they don't even have," she added.

In an email, sent by the provosts said: "It is directed from the office of the provost to the entire student both (annual/semester) (Postgraduate/ undergraduate/ M.Phil/ PhD/ Diploma) and all other courses to vacate their rooms with full bag and baggage at the earliest possible time."

Students living in J&K hostel feel it is unnecessary to ask them to come and take their things from their rooms at this time. On asking the administration about the situation, Millennium Post was asked to contact the provost, who was not available to comment.

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