IT firms in Gurugram weigh in pros and cons of operating in times of COVID-19 outbreak

gurugram: Five per cent of the global workforce employed in the Business Process Management (BPM) is based in Gurugram, which is also popularly known as Cyber City.

To harness the growing potential of IT, 45 cyber parks have come up in and around Gurugram. Just in past one and half months, these parks consisted of lakhs of employees working on software development and its applications.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, most of the IT firms have directed their employees to work from home. Adjusting to the changing times, most of the IT firms have also begun devising strategies of how to make their employees work from home more often even after the lockdown is lifted.

With COVID-19 now resulting in more flexible working spaces, the developers who have invested a great deal of money in building cyber parks fear how the rentals being generated from these firms will see a decline by 15 to 20 per cent in the coming months. There is also some fear that with fewer investments in the coming months, the sale transactions of the upcoming cyber parks will also be put on hold.

With the world's most valuable IT firms having their base in Gurugram, leasing of office space to IT firms has continued to be a profitable proposition for the developers. In 2019, 65 per cent of the overall transactions of office space in the NCR occurred in Gurugram with 5.5 million square feet of the office space being rented.

Top IT professionals while speaking to the Millennium Post highlighted how the process of developing emerging technologies like robotics, 3-D printing and artificial intelligence will now be expedited in the software research laboratories.

Mentioning the importance of new world of information, IT professionals highlight how well-developed IT infrastructure in Gurugram can provide it with greater leverage in developing the economy of the country post pandemic.

In addition to the private investment, the Haryana government in its State Budget on February 28 had also announced that it will invest in developing an institute in Gurugram where new forms of software technology will be developed.

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