IPCW students allege saffronisation of college under new principal

New Delhi: Hundreds of students at DU’s Indraprastha College for Women have held multiple demonstrations in the last few days, demanding the resignation of the newly-appointed principal over security lapses during the recent annual fest and alleged authoritarian steps.

The recent “saffronisation” of the college has only added to the anger of the students who have also claimed increased surveillance and curtailment of freedom of speech ever since Poonam Kumria took charge as the head of the century-old institute on February 21.

The protesting students said that they have noticed a “huge difference” in the way the college is operating under


According to students, the college’s boundary walls have been painted saffron, the same colour has also been added to its logo and guests being invited to the college events are controversial figures.

They are also irked over the “authoritarian” manner in which the administration is operating and reacting to the protests demanding women’s safety.

Earlier, students registered their discontent through social media. They did not resort to demonstration until the March 28 incident when some “unknown” men allegedly trespassed, shouted slogans and harassed women students during the annual ‘Shruti’ festival at the college.

A similar incident was reported during an event at Miranda House College last year in October. The students have alleged lapses on the part of the administration.

“The principal did not make a proper arrangement for the safety and security of the students. They knew that over 12,000 students will come and there is a high chance that hooligans might show up at the event,” a first-year student who did not want to be named said.

The administration’s response further outraged the students.

“The principal is not taking any measures. She is not giving us a proper answer. She called police on the campus, who are lenient on the perpetrators and are pushing and shoving students,” she said. Students’ anger against Kumria has been simmering since


“Since her coming to the college, there have been many changes, our walls that were white have been painted saffron, and our college’s logo has also been changed to saffron with a very highlighted lotus in the middle. Shruti’23, the annual fest of IPCW was also inaugurated by a very controversial figure Navika Kumar, who has made many Islamophobic comments on television,” said Shambhavi, a second-year student.

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