Insurance policies extremely important: HC

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court Thursday said timely issuance of insurance policies is extremely important, especially for members of the legal fraternity, in times of COVID-19 pandemic. The high court made the observation on being informed that all the bids received by various insurance companies for issuing group medi-claim and life insurance policies for advocates have been rejected.

Justice Prathiba M Singh directed a Technical Evaluation Committee under the Delhi Government to hold negotiations with three insurance companies — The New India Assurance, Oriental Insurance and National Insurance, for the purposes of issuing

group medi-claim policies for Delhi-based advocates under the Chief Minister Advocates' Welfare Scheme.

For issuing life insurance, the high court directed the committee to hold a meeting with Life Insurance Corporation of India and finalize the terms of the policies and then it will issue policies to Delhi-based lawyers till the age of 74 years.

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