In first half of year, Gurugram Police attacked four times

New Delhi: In the first half of this year, criminals in the city have already launched murderous attacks against Gurugram Police four times although police personnel were fortunate enough to come out of these incidents alive. At a time when news of an infamous gangster murdering more than eight Uttar Pradesh police personnel is dominating public discourse, the situation in Gurugram is not much better.

The first murderous attack on the Gurugram Police officials this year was reported on January 20 when a team of policemen raided the house of an illegal liquor trafficker in Badshahpur. To protect themselves, the criminal gang attacked the police officials with rods and blunt objects.

Even though the kingpin was arrested in the incident, some police officials sustained injuries.

Coincidentally, a similar incident was reported seven months back when in June 2019, a team of Gurugram Police raided a godown in DLF Phase-3 and one of the criminals had broken a liquor bottle on the head of a police official.

The second attack this year came on February 29 when a team of law enforcement officials had gone to arrest people involved in illegal mining in the forests of Aravalli. The unidentified men pelted stones at the officials and fled. On June 12, the team of law enforcement officials again tried to arrest members of the illegal mining mafia in the Raisina forests. This time the unidentified people not only attacked the team but also tried to run them over with their trucks.

Officials in Gurugram Police have expressed the possibility of more such attacks to continue especially with the illegal mining mafia in the forests of Aravalli. On June 4, a police team had gone to calm down incidents of clashes between two groups with each over a land dispute near Badshahpur. Angered over the entire incident, the angry mob not only pelted stones at the PCR vehicles but even took one of the police officials as a hostage.

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