In a first, woman constables in Noida get on traffic duty

Noida: For the first time, the Noida traffic department has deployed women traffic constables at major intersections and roads in the city.

Officials said that the district has 405 constables out of which six women personnel had volunteered to join the traffic department.

According to a senior officer, the six constables who took an oath to continue their duties in the traffic enforcement are Akshita (29), Sangeeta (27), Aruna (27), Priyanka (30), Neelam (34) and Antim (29).

Rajesh S, Deputy commissioner of police (DCP) for traffic said that the women were trained in traffic protocols during the lockdown and out of six, four would be trained under the supervision of a head constable, while the other two are currently on leave and will be deployed as soon as they rejoin.

"Initially we are planning to deploy them at roundabout which are comparatively less dense for traffic movement and will gradually shift them to busier intersections like the Gaur chowk afterwards," said DCP Rajesh.

The officer said that they hope commuters would respect women officials more and will contribute towards better policing in the city. Also these women will be an inspiration for others as well to take up the mantle.

"For now the women traffic constables are deployed for a few hours during the morning and evening peak hour before they are given a permanent assignment," the DCP added.

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