HC quashes customs case against woman shooter

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has quashed a criminal complaint under the customs law against a 26-year-old woman national level shooter whose father was found using her licence in the alleged import of firearms,

saying she ought not to be punished for the purported acts of her father.

The high court said prima facie no case is made out against petitioner Disha Langan under the provisions of the Customs Act as the allegations against her do not disclose the essential ingredients of the offence she is charge with and no presumption can be drawn that

she had knowledge of the alleged offences committed by her father.

“Considering the fact that the petitioner is a young girl of 26 years with a bright future ahead and who while studying law is also keeping her aspirations flying high through shooting and bringing laurels for the country, this court is of the considered opinion that she ought not to be punished for the alleged acts of her father solely on the pretext of her license being used by him,” Justice Saurabh Banerjee said.

The high court said it is a general practice in most, if not all, Indian families that a student studying in school, college, or university, and that too when it happens to be in another state or country,

it is the family, primarily the parents, who play the role

of supporting them and fill in for them.

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