Gurugram sees 5 suicides in one week; double suicide in Ghaziabad

Gurugram: With five more suicides were reported in Gurugram in the last week. On Friday, an 85-year-old woman purportedly killed herself in here Sector 49 condo, with police finding a suicide note in her possession n which she said that she had a chronic ailment and the medicines were not helping her.

A day earlier, a woman in Farrukh Nagar on the outskirts of Gurugram also took her own life, purportedly blaming her husband's domestic abuse which she had faced since she had married him in 2009. Police said a case for abetment of suicide has been registered.

On Wednesday, a 16-year-old girl, who worked as a domestic worker in Palam Vihar was found hanging in her home. Police officials here said that the girl was under stress due to limited work opportunities. No note was found with her. Two days earlier, a 30-year-old cab driver killed himself by ingesting acid. Police said the driver had been involved in a mishap involving his employer's car. They added his employers allegedly asked him to pay for the maintenance work or quit the job. In another case, a 28-year-old caretaker at a guesthouse took his life after he ran out of cash and had a debt to repay.

Double suicide in Gzb

Two days after her husband killed himself after jumping in front of a train, a 25-year-old software engineer in Ghaziabad was found hanging at her father's home Kavi Nagar. The couple had married four days ago. Police here said the woman's body has been sent for an autopsy.

They added that the reason behind the suicide is not clear yet. Nisha's parents said the two were together for the last four years and got married only after seeking approval from their respective families.

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