Greener Delhi the only option to combat pollution: Experts

NEW DELHI: A greener Delhi is the option to make the city comfortable to stay suggested the environmental lists as the Capital's air quality remained toxic for more than two months. The experts urged the citizens to join hand for plantation drives all over the city and also to use air purifier plants to improve the indoor air quality.
"In order to adopt a decent quality of life for citizens, there have to be sustainable alternatives readily available. Every citizen is an ambassador for reducing CO2 emissions. You are the creators and citizens of a sustainable future," said, Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, TERI.
He added that it has been estimated that half of India will be built by 2030, which gives us an opportunity for mainstreaming sustainable housing in our development process. "The tree plantations also help to fight negative impacts of urbanisation and maintaining ecological balance in cities," the experts noted.
To combat the bad air quality, the experts urged the people to keep air purifier plants at home.
These plants can provide clean air throughout the air and very useful for the health of children and senior citizens.
"Besides breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen, air purifying plants also absorb other toxins as well. Harmful gases like Xylene, Benzene, CO2, etc are those unwanted agents that enhance the toxicity of air and degrades the oxygen present in it. Nature is endowed with a variety of plants that absorb these poisonous gases and purify the air," said Annu Grover, MD, Nurturing Green.
Philodendron oxycardium, Sansevieria, White Pothos are the most popular and affordable air purifier plants in India.
Grover also explained that all these plants are hybrid plants which sustain in indoors and semi-indoor environments. "These plants absorb many harmful gases like Xylene, Benzene, and other VOC gases and exhales fresh oxygen that helps to purify air which ultimately helps to reduce impurities," he added.
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