Govt to launch mobile registration vans for construction workers

Delhi Labour minister Raaj Kumar Anand convened a meeting with the Labour Department to address the welfare and well-being of the city’s construction workers on Wednesday.

In the meeting, the introduction of mobile registration vans, set to register construction workers directly at labour sites across Delhi was discussed. This initiative aims to provide greater access to various welfare schemes designed to uplift the workers and their families.

Additionally, the Labour Ministry revealed plans to roll out a tailor-made skill development program for construction workers in Delhi. Expected to commence by the end of this month, this program seeks to enhance labourers’ skills, ultimately offering them improved employment prospects.

Anand echoed the vision of CM Arvind Kejriwal, emphasising the commitment to safeguarding the rights of the diligent individuals in the construction industry. He stated, “We are committed to ensuring that all the rights of our construction industry’s hardworking men and women are granted according to their qualifications. Initiating mobile registration vans will be a significant step in this direction as it will help deliver essential documents for all welfare schemes to as many labourers as possible.”

The minister emphasised the importance of these aspects by announcing the distribution of newsletters at construction sites throughout Delhi. These newsletters will contain vital information about departmental initiatives, serving to increase awareness among workers about the welfare schemes available to them.

Moreover, Anand demonstrated a firm commitment to address pending matters related to the registration, claims, and updates of construction workers in Delhi.

“We are resolute in our mission to provide a better life for our construction workers,

and these steps demonstrate our commitment to that cause,” he said.

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