Govt introduces Seva Kendra to improve GST registration process

New Delhi: The Delhi government has announced the establishment of the Centralised GST Registration Cell (Seva Kendra) which will streamline the registration process, minimise deemed registrations, and combat tax evasion.

Through the Seva Kendra, the government aims to safeguard its revenue as the cell will play a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the GST registration procedure.

Delhi Finance Minister Kailash Gahlot said, “The establishment of the Centralised GST Registration Cell (Seva Kendra) marks a significant milestone in the journey towards improving the GST registration process in Delhi. Under the able leadership of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, it is a testament to the Delhi government’s commitment to promoting transparency, curbing tax evasion, and optimising revenue collection.”

The primary objective of the Centralised GST Registration Cell is to enhance efficiency by relieving ward officials of the meticulous scrutiny process for each GSTIN registration application. By delegating this responsibility to the Seva Kendra, ward officials can now allocate more time to crucial GST-related tasks, such as revenue collection, compliance monitoring, return scrutiny, audits, assessments, and appeals.

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