Govt conducts 9,584 tests in 1 day

New Delhi: Amid debate over increasing number of COVID-19 patients across the city, the Delhi government is focusing over rapid testing of Corona suspects which is highest in terms of numbers. The state government, on Saturday alone, had conducted 9,584 tests which is highest ever done by the government itself and by any of the state since Corona outbreak has witnessed. A total of 381 people reported positive and the infection rate is 3.98 percent on that day.

As far as last week's cumulative data is concerned, a total of 32,743 people went through the test which is also highest by any of the state for the same period. As many as 2,577 people were reported positives and the percentage of infection is 7.87 percent, almost equal to nation's average if infection rate. With the figure, 4,677 tests were done daily during a week period which is also highest by any of state during the period.

If doctors and medical experts to believe, decision of rapid test by the government is the main reason of

whopping increase in COVID-19 patients these days. "The Delhi government is doing maximum testing resulting in increased number of cases. If a government will not conduct test above the average level then how cases will be surfaced," said the analyst.

The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had earlier said that the city government will do rapid testing for the Coronavirus for one lakh people in the infection hotspots. Kejriwal had said his government will follow South Korea's model and will begin large-scale testing in the Capital.

"We have ordered kits for the testing of 50,000 people. The kits have started arriving. We have also placed orders for the rapid test of 1 lakh people. The deliveries of kits will begin by next week. Random tests will be done at hotspots and detailed tests will also be done," the Delhi CM had said this in last week of April.

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