Govt and residents saved 90 pubs and bars from closure

Gurugram: Hundreds of residents are taking to the street demanding the government to revoke the licences of pubs and bars located at Gurugram's MG road. However, the scenario was different a year ago when the government and the residents went out of their way to save the nightclubs located in Gurugram. With Supreme Court issuing the order that there should be no pubs and bars located at 500 metres from the national highway, there was a great threat on the closure of nightclubs located in Cyber hub and Sector -29.

Amid the days of uncertainty, the government responded swiftly and ensured that the distances were increased beyond the distance of 500 metres. Rapid action by the residents as well as the public agencies saved over 90 pubs and bars in Gurugram. The situation is now different at MG road where the host of illegal activities like prostitution and drug peddling is being on large scale. Not expressing any surprise of the criminal activities that are happening in the nightclubs the law enforcement officials are now gearing up to the challenge of tackling the problem head on.

Two raids have been conducted on the pubs and over 50 people have been apprehended for indulging in unethical activities since the new police commissioner KK Rao has taken charge.

In a disturbing revelation that came to the fore in one of these raids, four foreigners among the sixteen people were detained by the district police for unethical activities. These criminal activities are in addition to regular crimes like molestations and brawls that continue to be reported from the city.

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