Ggm: Public authorities push for Ayurvedic immunity kits

Gurugram: With no treatment available for COVID-19 as of yet, the Gurugram District Administration has pushed the use of Ayurvedic immunity kits hard in its efforts to fight the pandemic, with data from public authority offices showing that 50,720 of these kits have already been distributed among residents so far.

Most of the public agencies in Gurugram have also been tasked with the responsibility of distributing the ayurvedic kits especially in the containment zones of Gurugram. Government officials said that these kits have been distributed by Gurugram Police, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and personnel from the Gurugram District Magistrate's office and that most of them were delivered to patients recovering in home isolation.

"The Gurugram District Administration has been very proactive in the distribution of the Ayurvedic immunity kits. These kits have been distributed mostly in containment zones. We have received positive feedback from the patients who have utilised these kits. I want to reiterate that it is only based on the choice of the patients whether he wants to use Ayurvedic or allopathic form of treatment," said a senior official from the district administration.

Gurugram currently has 1,288 active COVID-19 patients, of which 828 are under home isolation. Some of the Ayurvedic immunity kits that have been distributed by the District Administration include Guduchigan Vati, Anu Tail, Sitopaladi Churna and Agastya Haritaki.

According to practitioners in the Gurugram Ayush Department, Guduchigan Vati helps to produce antioxidants that fight viruses and protect the body and has been described as a preventive and modular herb for COVID-19. The Anu Tail is described as the best form of Ayurvedic treatment for patients suffering from respiratory diseases. According to practitioners, the Anu Tail provides a natural barrier to invading microbes.

Sitopaladi Churna is given only on the recommendation of and Ayurvedic practitioner and according to some of them in the Ayush department, it cures fever linked with chest congestion. It also aids in the treatment of diseases caused due to respiratory problems, pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Agastya Haritaki is also an Ayurvedic immunity kit that is given on the recommendation of a practitioner, which according to some is used to treat cough, cold, allergic rhinitis and other ailments of the respiratory system. In addition, there is also a huge demand in city chemist stores for Ayurvedic medicines and in recent months a lot of Ayurvedic stores have also come up in the city. Most owners of Ayurvedic chemist stores claim they are receiving a good response for some of their medicinal products in times of COVID-19.

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