Ggm: Covid testing in private labs show downward trend

gurugram: With nine cases of COVID-19 on an average being reported everyday the number of cases in Gurugram continues to increase. Another source of concern for the Gurugram authorities is the decline of the number of testing in the private laboratories.

To tackle this challenge along with the government laboratories, six private labs approved by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) was allowed to conduct testing. After participation of private laboratories, more samples were being collected but gradually the trend has declined and more testings are occurring at government laboratories.

Based on an official data, there has been a sudden decline in the last two weeks, the period where Gurugram saw a major spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, on some days all the six private laboratories did not conduct even 10 tests a day.

A major reason being cited for the decline of testing in the private laboratories is the lack of trust by patients regarding the final reports. Recently there was a case where the employees working in a Noida MNC got tested from a private lab in Gurugram, their report was found positive. Subsequent testing in the medical facility resulted in them being tested negative.

Similar incidents of presenting false reports have also been highlighted by various residents of Gurugram. Now government labs have been started conducting tests of individuals who already got tested at private laboratories. This results in more delays and piling up of the samples.

It is important to note that as of now there is no government laboratory in Gurugram and the samples are being sent to Rohtak and Sonipat for testing.

Allegations are also being leveled against the management of the private laboratories of taking more charge than what is being prescribed by the government guidelines.

"Costs also play an important role in people going for the government laboratories. So far, as we are concerned, we are following all the guidelines and conducting the tests of those persons who are coming to us," said an official from a Gurugram private laboratory.

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