Ggm: 94% private Covid beds vacant, hosps seek reduction of reservation

Gurugram: With over 94 per cent of beds reserved for COVID-19 patients in private hospitals of Gurugram running empty, the private facilities have implored authorities to reduce the COVID-19 reservation and allow them to treat non-COVID-19 patients as they were beginning to incur "huge losses".

Of the total 4,708 private Coronavirus beds in the city, only 268 are occupied, of which only 78 are residents of Gurugram and the rest are patients from outside the city.

The managements of these private hospitals — which outnumber public healthcare facilities greatly — are now urging the District Administration to reduce the number of COVID-19 beds in their facilities.

The hospitals have said that while Out Patient Department (OPD) services have resumed, patients were still avoiding hospital visits in view of the pandemic. Citing the low number of COVID-19 patients being treated, the management of these private hospitals claim that losses are being incurred.

However, with a large number of cases being reported from adjoining areas of Gurugram, officials of the district administration do not want to take any chances and reduce the number of allocated beds.

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