Ggm: 30-yr-old man ends life after failing to get job for two months

Gurugram: Despite living in a posh area of Gurugram, 30-year-old Mukesh, a house painter who committed suicide, could not get a regular job for more than two months. This led to his saving being completely exhausted.

On Thursday evening when he completely ran out of cash, he sold his mobile phone to get some essential items for his family. His last purchases out of Rs 2,500 included sugar, flour and rice for his children. It also included a table fan for his five-month-old daughter Poonam, who was also suffering from a few ailments. His other children include Soni (age 7), Golu (age 4) and Kajal (age 2).

A major reason why Mukesh was unable to get enough job orders was due to the injury he had sustained on the foot that stopped him from working for some time. He began undertaking menial jobs but that also did not pay him enough money for the family, who reside at a slum near DLF Phase-5.

"He was not having a regular source of income for last couple of months. He was managing by doing odd jobs as a daily wager which did not give him enough income," said Umesh Mukhiya, the father-in-law of Mukesh.

His family has rejected the claim that he was mentally unstable. The extent o the family's financial condition can be gauged from the fact that his last rites could only be performed after pooling in money from neighbours.

Already suffering from an economic slowdown due to Coronavirus outbreak — the impact of which is now being felt by the migrant labourers as well — most of the MSMEs have stopped payments of the workers, who are struggling to make ends meet. The owners have highlighted that even though they have paid the salaries for March they are now not in a state to pay the salaries for April to the workers.

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