G20: Minister holds meeting with doctors, paramedics

New Delhi: Delhi Health minister, Saurabh Bharadwaj, rallied more than 150 doctors and paramedical officers in a significant meeting on Tuesday at the Delhi Secretariat.

Addressing preparations for the forthcoming G20 Summit in Delhi, Bharadwaj emphasised the importance of dedicated service in ensuring the well-being of foreign delegates during the high-profile event. The minister outlined the critical role healthcare professionals would play in managing the health systems for foreign delegates. He underscored that India’s hosting of the G20 Summit entrusted Delhi with a profound responsibility.

“Just as you all worked with dedication during the COVID era, we must approach the G20 Summit preparations with the same commitment,” he stressed.

During the meeting, queries and concerns from doctors and healthcare workers were diligently addressed by the minister. Bharadwaj issued a stern warning that negligence in healthcare arrangements for the G20 Summit would not be tolerated.

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