Focus on night vigil, awareness, assistance to contain attacks: Delhi Police

New Delhi: In anticipation of a likely locust attack in the Capital, the Delhi Police has instructed its senior officers to focus on night vigil, provide assistance to the public and create awareness among them about possible ways to keep the migratory pests away.

The Delhi Police advisory said, "These locusts have a devastating effect on the crops, vegetation, plants, gardens, etc. Hence preventive measures are required to be taken. If any person approaches the police for help in this regard, he should be provided with all possible assistance and guided properly."

As per the advisory, "The district DCPs may maintain close coordination with their civil counterparts, DDMAs for assessment and control of the situation having a bearing on law and order or shortage of supplies, arising out of invasion by locusts, if any. The public may be made aware of the probable attack of swarms in Delhi."

Delhi Police further directed its officers to create awareness among the public to keep their doors and windows of their houses closed during such attacks of the swarms so that they are not able to enter homes. Adequate assistance may be provided by the police to the staff carrying out spraying of insecticides and pesticides.

The Delhi Police has also quoted a Delhi Government circular related to locusts attacks, which read, "As the Swarm usually flies in day-time and rests during the night, therefore, locusts should not be allowed to rest especially during the night. The concerned authorities may carry out a spray of insecticide, pesticides during the night as per requirement under direction and supervision of their respective departments, ministries."

The Development Commissioner from Delhi Government had asked authorities to organise awareness programmes for the public and farmers to prevent or control a probable attack from locusts in the NCT of Delhi. As locusts entered Gurugram, there were rumours that they (locusts) entered Dwarka but it was later denied by authorities as they claimed that videos that were making rounds on social media were related to Gurugram.

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