Fiber tech comes in handy for authorities managing COVID-19 in Ggm

Gurugram: It was in late 2017 where it was decided that on the lines of Singapore, the Haryana Government would invest in the fiber technology in Gurugram as a part of the Smart City Project. The system finally began to function in late September 2019 and in less than six months is proving to be a major asset for Gurugram in dealing with the challenges of COVID-19.

The Information Control and Command Centre (ICCC) that was eventually set up with this technology has now proved to be integral for the food distribution process in the months of March, April and May when the harshest lockdown measures were in effect.

State-of-the-art technology ensured that there was effective transport management, relief –intelligence gathering, communication strategy which aided in the distribution of food items on a large scale. Locations captured by the ICCC resulted in effective Geographical Information System (GIS) tracking and assisted volunteers to give food and other essential items to the needy.

In these three months, 6.84 lakh units of cooked food packets were distributed to the needy, 24,000 units of sanitary napkins, 67,280 units of dry ration and 1,000 nutritional kits for pregnant women were distributed - made possible because of the technology put in place.

Subsequently, the CoVER (Corona Virus Emergency Response) and OneMapGGM online platforms were also created which provide an overview of all relevant information with regards to COVID-19 be it of hospitals, isolation centres, test collection centres, testing labs, COVID-19 containment zones, blood banks and even information on chemists.

The information now has been further enhanced and residents are also being given information on nearby hospitals, clinics and doctors in their immediate neighbourhoods.

As of now, nearly 300 cameras are operational at 75 intersection locations in Gurugram and Manesar. At any given time nearly 100 cameras can be seen on the video wall of the ICCC. The feed from these cameras reaches the ICCC on the captive fiber optical network which is then monitored by the officials. The system is manned 24 hours by the officials from Gurugram Police and Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority.

The technology has now also come of great use to the Gurugram Police, which has used this to catch hold of citizens violating social distancing norms and those who are not wearing masks.

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