Facilitated around 2,300 EV charging points in city & 900 more coming: BSES

New Delhi: BSES discoms BRPL and BYPL have facilitated the installation of around 2,300 charging points in Delhi for electric vehicles (EVs) and are in the process to set up 900 more in the coming months, company’s officials said on Tuesday.

The 2,300 charging points installed at over 900 locations across south, east, central and west Delhi include 1,123 private ones, 745 public and 419 for captive BSES use, the officials said.

The company is in talks with several partners to expand the charging infrastructure further, they said.

“BSES will facilitate the installation of additional 900-plus charging points over the next few months,” an official said, adding BSES discoms aim to convert their entire fleet of vehicles to EVs by 2030. Presently, BSES has 80 EVs and the number is expected to reach to 150 in the next two years, they said.

The Delhi government’s EV policy aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the city to reduce air pollution and improve public health. The policy provides a range of incentives and subsidies to encourage the purchase and use of EVs. The policy aims at having 25 percent of all new vehicle registrations in Delhi to be electric vehicles by 2024.

The BRPL and BYPL consumers can get a private EV charging point installed through the Switch Delhi Portal at their homes, group housing societies, multi-storey apartment complexes, RWAs offices, commercial shops. For promotion of the private charging programme, the Delhi government is providing a one-time subsidy of Rs 6,000 for the first 30,000 charging points.

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