DUTA demands joining dates for ad-hoc teachers as university prepares to reopen

New Delhi: Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) on Sunday wrote a letter to the Dean of colleges demanding all teachers working on an ad-hoc basis be given joining from July 1. The university will reopen from July 1, after the vacation period. "Institutions would require the assistance of all teachers for various academic processes and for the preparation of teaching-learning for the next semester. As per the ordinances, joining of ad-hoc teachers on the first working day after the vacation is crucial for protecting their vacation salary. Any measure taken by the University/colleges owing to the pandemic (like delayed teaching sessions or staggered teaching sessions) should not adversely affect the services or livelihood of teachers," DUTA wrote in its letter. Ad hoc teachers have been protesting for months over various issues including permanent positions. "The December 5 Record of Discussion, Clause 2 states that it is expected that all ad-hoc teachers working or working in the current academic year shall be continued till recruitment of permanent faculty," wrote DUTA.

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