DU V-C launches 2nd Udhmodhya Foundation FDP

NEW DELHI: The Udhmodhya Foundation’s second Faculty Development Program (FDP) commenced on Wednesday at Delhi University, drawing attention from academic and industry leaders alike.

Led by Prof Yogesh Singh, the Vice Chancellor, and Prof Prakash Singh, Director of South Campus, the event gathered educators in a dynamic exchange.

Abhishek Tandon, Joint CEO of Udhmodhya

Foundation, set the tone by sharing success stories of startups incubated within the foundation.

Prof Rama, Principal of Hansraj College, emphasised the pivotal role of educators in shaping the future through continuous development.

Prof Yogesh Singh highlighted the importance of innovative assessment methods, advocating for a shift towards fostering entrepreneurship.

Attendees pledged to embrace these insights, marking a significant step forward in educational reform.

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