DU professor says probe showing signs of disturbing pattern

new delhi: The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has now questioned a Delhi University professor in connection with one of the cases related to the north-east Delhi riots in February this year, senior officials on Tuesday confirmed.

According to one senior officer, "Professor Apoorvanand of Delhi University was summoned in a case relating to North-East riots, by Special Cell, Delhi Police. He came to Lodhi Colony office yesterday's afternoon in response to a notice and was examined in connection with the investigation of the case." He further said, "As a part of the investigation, his mobile phone was taken into possession by the investigation team."

Professor Apoorvanand, who teaches Hindi at the varsity, in the meantime, issued a statement on Tuesday, saying that he was questioned by police for over five hours and that his mobile phone had been seized by probe officials.

The Delhi Police has said that the professor was questioned in connection with FIR no 59/20, which is related to the alleged "conspiracy" by anti-CAA activists to incite the February riots. Significantly, police have implicated Jamia Millia Islamia Coordination Committee media coordinator Safoora Zargar and other prominent student activists and anti-CAA activists in the same case.

"While cooperating and respecting the right of police authorities to conduct a full, fair and thorough investigation, one can only hope that the probe would focus on the real instigators and perpetrators of the violence against a peaceful citizens' protest and the people of north-east Delhi," the professor said in his public statement. He further wrote, "It is disturbing to see a theory emerging which treats the supporters of the protestors as the source of violence. I would urge the police and expect their probe to be thorough, just and fair so that truth prevails."

The Capital had seen one of the deadliest riots in decades in February this year after supporters of the citizenship law tried to violently dismantle peaceful protests against the legislation in north-east Delhi. The resultant riots killed at least 53 people and injured over 250 others. Many on social media criticised the move to question the professor in the riots related case and pointed out that the police were trying to weave a theory which held peaceful protestors accountable for allegedly inciting violence against


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