'Doorbell gangs' wreak havoc in Gurugram

gurugram: "Doorbell gangs" in Gurugram are wreaking havoc in the city with seeming impunity as the most recent victim of this modus operandi was found to be an 80-year-old man and his wife in Sector-40. Police said the gang entered the house as salesmen and then stole all valuables and cash by holding them captive.

Since June, these gangs have successfully looted homes in at least 10 different areas of Gurugram with police unable to catch hold of many of them. The gang's name was coined because of their modus operandi, in which they first pose as salesmen or delivery boys and ring the doorbell to enter the homes of their targets. After entering the house, they try to intimidate the owner and family members with weapons and then force the owner to tell them about the valuables and cash present in the house.

Not only has this gang been able to successfully stolen cash but they have also been taking jewellery and even cars right in front of the eyes of the owners. Such has been the brazenness of this gang that they carry out their criminal activities in broad daylight and are yet to be arrested by the Gurugram Police.

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