DJB V-C Somnath Bharti takes stock of Haiderpur WTP

New delhi: Delhi Jal Board (DJB) V-C Somnath Bharti inspected the Haiderpur Water Treatment Plant on Tuesday.

After inspecting the Plant, the DJB vice-chairman said that the filters of the plant will be upgraded soon as a pilot project that will help increase the production and quality of water here. As per Bharti, this pilot project will be ready by the end of June. He said that an artificial lake will also be constructed at the Haiderpur plant.

Bharti said that Delhi Jal Board has started upgrading the Haiderpur WTP in order to increase its water production capacity. Under this, the work of replacing the filters and clarifiers of the plant was taken up as a pilot project about 6 months ago. The DJB vice-chairman said that if the pilot project at Haiderpur Water Treatment Plant is successful and the results match expectations, then the rest of the units of the plant will also be upgraded.

The Delhi Jal Board has also created a plan to reuse the wastewater that comes out of the Haiderpur Water Treatment Plant. Giving information about the new plan, Bharti said that DJB has planned to create an artificial lake within the premises of Haiderpur WTP. Under this project, 8-MGD of wastewater coming out of this plant will also be re-used to fill the artificial created lake in Haiderpur WTP. The filling up of the lake by wastewater will help in increasing the groundwater level. This groundwater will then be extracted by tubewells that will be installed in the plant area. Bharti further

added that 26-MGD of wastewater is released daily from Haiderpur WTP. Out of this, 18-MGD of wastewater is being treated at Haiderpur Recycling Plant and the remaining waste water will be re-used through an artificial lake.

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