DJB organises exhibition of eco-friendly handicraft products

New Delhi: A handicraft exhibition of eco-friendly products made by Self-Help Groups (SHGs) members was organised at Delhi Jal Board Headquarters in the Capital on Saturday.

The SHGs had put up several stalls in the exhibition and displayed their environment-friendly handicraft products such as jute and cloth bags, natural colours made from flowers and vegetables, seeds balls, paper pens made from seeds caps, handmade soaps, clay pots, jewellery and toys, Madhubani paintings, clothes, decorative accessories

for homes and many more. The exhibition had a plethora of options of produce created by ‘re-using’ the discarded materials from households that people usually consider as

waste or garbage and throw them away in dustbins, drains and rivers.

Around 12 Self Help Groups associated with Partner NGOs — Hariyali Center for Rural Development, Social Network India, Ruler Education and Welfare Society and Ganga Devi Educational Society — of the DJB participated in the exhibition focussed on generating awareness about the environment and Yamuna cleaning.

Chief Executive Officer of DJB P. Krishnamurthy, inaugurated the handicraft exhibition in the presence of

directors and senior officials of various departments of DJB were also present on the occasion.

The NGOs and Self Help Groups are also working on women’s empowerment and making women self-reliant. They are running various programs to strengthen the social and economic status of such and engaging them in Self-Help Groups. The objective of the organization of the handcrafts exhibition is to offer them a platform to showcase their art and basic skills which will further help them to become self-reliant.

Krishnamurthy appreciated the efforts being made by the SHG members to make themselves self-reliant. He was impressed by the handicraft products made by the Self-Help Groups that are environmentally friendly and do not harm nature. He held that such efforts are important for the protection of the environment and the cleanliness of the Yamuna River.

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