Delivery services in Ggm help restros stay afloat as owners lament about dwindling business

gurugram: It has now been close to three months that restaurants in Gurugram were allowed to function but for many restaurant owners, the opening of food and beverage outlets has not done much to pull in customers during the pandemic.

With customer footfall still low, the restaurant business that used to be one of the key components of growth for Gurugram's economy continues to witness a downward trend.

In areas like the Cyber hub and MG road, that in its heydays used to be jam-packed with people visiting famous food and beverage outlets situated in these areas today wear a deserted look. This is despite the fact that precautions are being taken by the management to prevent the spread of COVID -19 in these areas.

"I remember there used to be so much activity at the Cyber Hub just a few months back and today it is just silent. Cyber hub is great because the restaurants do not only provide you with great food and service but it provides you with the experience you cherish. I sincerely pray that the situation becomes normal once again," said Avijeet Mukhopadhyay, a resident of DLF Phase-3.

Moreover, much to the dismay of many restaurant owners, pubs and bars in the restaurants have still not been allowed to resume their business.

With business not picking up, one of the other major concerns for restaurant owners has been the steep rental prices. In most upscale areas, the rental for restaurants can range from Rs 80,000 to Rs 5 lakh a month.

While landlords may have reduced the charges for some of the restaurant owners, there are complaints of rates still being very high. Some of the small restaurant owners have already closed their businesses and some bigger ones are surrendering their bar licenses to cut costs.

On the positive side, however, the restaurant owners claim that delivery orders for food items have picked up and this is what is helping most restaurants to now stay afloat. Not only are the restaurants now relying on online food delivery agents but have now begun to invest in their own food delivery system to save the commission charges.

"The presence of online food delivery agents has been a blessing in disguise. It has at least made sure that we can survive. With most of the restaurants invested in their aesthetics, bars and food items however low footfall continues to affect the business of most of the owners adversely," said Ranvijay Malhotra one of the restaurant owners in Gurugram.

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