Delhi transport projects held up due to spat with L-G: Minister Gahlot

Delhi transport projects held up due to spat with L-G: Minister Gahlot

New Delhi: Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot has shared the government’s vision for the future of Delhi’s transportation network even as he blamed the Lieutenant Governor for slowing down key transport projects.

In a recent interview, Gahlot spoke about several critical issues concerning transportation and infrastructure development in the Indian capital. He shared insights into ongoing projects and challenges.

Addressing the ongoing tussle between the Lieutenant Governor and the Delhi government, Gahlot expressed concern about its impact on various schemes.

He noted, “Because of the tussle between the L-G and Delhi government, the schemes, from the revised version of the EV policy to the aggregator policy, all have been held up. This was all ready long ago but because of the L-G, it is still held up. The pace at which we were working earlier has slowed down. The whole purpose of introducing the bill was to slow down the work of the Delhi government.”

One of the key initiatives discussed during the interview was the introduction of Mohalla buses. Gahlot emphasised, “Our main focus for bringing Mohalla buses is to ensure easy transportation. They will firstly work in the same locality, no long routes would be assigned to the Mohalla buses. It will be connecting important points of the same locality, connecting Metro stations, bus stands, hospitals, etc, to make travel easy.”

To combat pollution caused by vehicles, the Delhi government plans to introduce an e-scooter and e-cycle sharing system in Dwarka sub-city.

Gahlot had earlier stated, “Proposals from service providers for both high speed and low speed e-scooters and e-cycles are being sought for implementation.”

It was earlier revealed by an official that in the first phase, 1,500 e-scooters will be launched, followed by 750 vehicles in the second phase, and another 750 vehicles in the third phase, on the condition that they are offered for long-term hire or rental.

“This initiative aims to enhance last-mile connectivity with environmentally friendly options,” Gahlot asserted.

Regarding the ambitious target of launching 1,900 electric buses by the end of 2023, Gahlot mentioned, “It is in process, we will be trying our best to complete our target by December. But this could also be pushed over to next year.”

An exciting development highlighted in the interview is the creation of Delhi’s first multi-level bus parking facility.

Gahlot stated, “Around 7-acre land in Hari Nagar would be used, making it the biggest multi-level depot. Residential flats and markets will also be there,” and he confirmed, “All four tenders for the same are done.”

These multi-storey buildings will be constructed on DTC land, and more than 100 flats are expected to be built, showcasing an innovative approach to asset monetisation. The residential flats will be built in Hari Nagar and Shadipur while the other two locations will have the bus depot. Total locations for these include Hari Nagar, Vasant Vihar, and Shadipur.

Lastly, when asked about penalties under the aggregator policy, Gahlot assured, “The enforcement team will be looking after penalties. If someone will not be following the rules, action will be taken against them.”

Gahlot provided a comprehensive overview of the Delhi government’s efforts to address transportation challenges, promote sustainability, and enhance the city’s infrastructure to meet the growing demands of its residents.

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