Delhi riots: Court grants 2nd extension till Sep 17 to finish probe in UAPA case

New Delhi: After already having extended the time granted to the Delhi Police once for completing its probe in the main case relating to the north-east Delhi riots where there was an "alleged"

conspiracy on part of anti-CAA protesters, a Delhi court has now for the second time granted an extension till

September 17 against 10

people booked under the stringent UAPA.

Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat allowed the police further time to complete its pending probe against Jamia Coordination Committee member Meeran Haider; Jamia students Asif Iqbal Tanha and Gulfisha Khatoon; Jamia Alumni Association President Shifa-Ur-Rehman; JNU students and Pinjra Tod members Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita; suspended AAP councilor Tahir Hussain; former Congress Councillor Ishrat Jahan; and United Against Hate member Khalid and Shadab Ahmed.

The court had earlier extended time till August 14 for completion of probe against Khalid and Jahan, till August 24 in the case of Rehman and till August 29 for Haider, Hussain and Khatoon.

The court said in its August 13 order that the investigation was still going on regarding the conspiracy which was "deep-rooted, large scale and multi-layered" and all the different aspects pertaining to different accused persons including inter-linkages were being investigated as regard to the conspiracy.

"Specific reasons for seeking extension have been set out and compelling reasons

qua each individual accused for their custody and the

investigation so far is also borne out from the case diaries," it said.

"The new facts that have emerged during the investigation have to be confronted. The different dimensions of conspiracy including organisations, WhatsApp groups and different accused persons and their inter-linkages along with the electronic records among other things were being investigated," the court said.

The counsels for some of the accused opposed the application saying since

the earlier application for extension of the investigation was allowed for 60 days, the second application cannot be allowed as the extension has to be one time only.

The law provides for a

maximum extension of 180 days beyond the mandated 90 days.

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