COVID-19 Pandemic: Delhi Police moves to online cybercrime training

New Delhi: Delhi Police has now started giving online training to their officers on topics related to cybercrime investigation. According to a police official, earlier training programmes used to held at Cyber Prevention, Awareness & Detection Centre (CyPAD) unit in Dwarka district but due to COVID-19 pandemic, officers were told to join the training sessions through video conferencing.

Recently, the Delhi Police have sent TPM message to all districts, units regarding the training. "CyPAD is starting VC-based advanced digital investigation training sessions from Tuesday, April 28, 2020."

Resource persons from IIIT Delhi, NCFL and domain experts from industry will be taking lecture sessions on various topics such as OSINT, Cyber Forensics, Blockchain analysis etc.

It further reads: "The nominated or willing officers of the rank of sub-inspector to ACP, including the IPS and DANIPS probationers, can join the lecture sessions through video conferencing. The id and password for joining training sessions will be shared with the participants."

According to police, officers are being trained on subjects like advance analysis of spoofed emails, calls and CDR analysis, blockchain cryptocurrency-related analytics, admissibility of digital evidence, latest case laws and their implications on the investigation, advanced cyber forensic tools NCFL/CyPAD, social media analytics, OSINT. Officials said that they want to ensure that staff should be well aware of different kinds of fraud and how to deal with it.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (CyPAD) Anyesh Roy said around 90 cops including Additional DCPs, ACPs are getting training through video conferencing. "If we proactively trained our staff especially at district level then that will help us in the investigation in due course," he said.

He further said, "Earlier we used to conduct training within our facility but now we are following guidelines related to COVID-19. It is a long period and if we break our training then it will have an impact on our investigation so we started giving training through video conferencing (VC)."

According to the officer, they have seen an increase in participation in the training session after they started VC.

"Participants are very excited as it is a new thing for them. They are proactively raising queries and seeking clarification," he said

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