Delhi Police probe into forging of FM Sitharaman’s letterhead

New Delhi: The Delhi Police are currently investigating a case involving an alleged attempt to manipulate government proceedings when an individual purportedly forged the letterhead of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and dispatched it to Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

The Delhi Police’s Special Cell has swiftly assembled multiple teams to delve into the matter.

Officials from the Finance Minister’s office have explicitly stated that the accused sought to interfere with government processes. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a high-ranking source disclosed that the FIR was initiated at Sitharaman’s behest.

“This fraudulent letter poses a substantial threat to the security and operations of our governmental institutions. The perpetrators must be promptly apprehended. The utilisation of Sitharaman’s forged letterhead and signature has the potential to cause significant harm, leading to misguidance or manipulation of government procedures,” conveyed the Ministry to the Delhi Police.

Highlighting the gravity of such actions, the Finance Minister’s office stressed that they not only impugn the integrity of the individuals involved but also imperil the overall security and functionality of governmental establishments.

Consequently, an FIR has been lodged under various sections of the IPC, and the matter is currently under investigation by the Special Cell.

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